Thom and I worked on the port engine and put it all back together – added new wire set, replaced/added new water circulating pump, added new alternator belt, tightened the raw water belt, started the engine and adjusted the idle speed. Unfortunately the engine had some knocking going on, so we opened up the air intake manifold only to find lots of water mixed in the oil and some damaged parts – 2 bent push rods, 2 springs, 2 valves to name a few.

So when you hire a mechanic to fix a problem they shouldn’t put back the parts that caused the problem. When a leaky manifold leaks water into the engine and breaks thing you have to remove the heads. The port engine was worked on and had 2 heads replaced before I bought the boat. Unfortunate when they fixed the problem they put back on the old leaky manifolds that caused the problem again.

While we were digging around the dismantled engine we decided to replace the thermostat, after all, since it was really old we might as well change it. That will be the cheapest part for this job. Thom gave me all the part numbers and I ordered them.

While the intake manifold is off, along with a few other parts, we will most likely sandblast and repaint them. So another week or two more without being able to take it out. . . more to come on this piece of the project . . .

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