Crusader 350hp Raw Water Pump

So the first day of boat ownership I drove 2 hours round trip to sign the papers and got back into town. The raw water pump arrived and I picked up my friend Al to help me bring the boat back.

The boat is 34 years old and has much of the original equipment on it. the original raw water pump was grinding and making excruciating sounds. We get to the boat and got to work. We plugged the sea water coming in when we removed the old pump and started removing the old beat-up pump, hoses and fittings. We wrestled with the fitting, rusted and corroded bolts and finally got everything off.

After a a couple of attempts we finally get the connectors, hoses and the rest of the parts put back together. We tightened the belt and started the engines. We are ready to set off and head to the marina across the river. When we get the boat up to Sarasota we will fine-tune the work by replacing the connections and hoses but for now – we are off!