New Crusader 454 Starboard Engine for a Carver 3607

Crusader 454 Starboard Engine for a Carver 3607

So I finally got the engine work underway and here is my Crusader 454 starboard engine for my Carver 3607. It took about 4 months to get to this point  but not why you would expect. Sure it’s hard to find good boat mechanics but I guess it’s even harder to find honest ones. I started out with a dishonest one and that’s what took so long.

I chose a boat guy that came highly recommended but evidently the job was too big for him – that’s what I’m going to go with because I don’t want to think that he scammed me . .  ok he scammed me. I gave him over $7K and he pretty much walked with my money. I’d call and he’d stop by and remove a few parts only to disappear again. I’d call and ask for my money back and he’d show up again and do a little more. Her actually got one of the engines removed after cutting up the floor but left it out on the sundeck to rust away.

I finally handed it over to my lawyer and now we are suing him for my money that I’ll probably never see. I’m holding off naming him and depending how the suit goes will decide what I will do. I have a few internet skills and am very confident that I can have his name all over the top pages throughout Florida when it comes to nightmare boat mechanic stories.

I did get a good mechanic and within a few days of dropping the boat off had the 2 Crusader 454 engines and the old generator out of the boat! I wasn’t used to such fast work. I’m replacing the 35 year old engines that had thousands of hours on them with brand new ones. I ordered 2 long blocks and they are in process. 6 months ago a buddy of mine helped replace all the external parts with new ones – exhaust manifolds, risers, starters, alternators, water pumps, circulating pumps, bla, bla, bla. We rebuilt the carburetors and replaced all the hoses. The new engines will basically be brand new!

I recently stopped by to see the starboard engine being test fired. She sounds smooth and with the electronic ignition added she starts up instantly! I am excited to getting back on the boat so I can continue to finish this project . .  and enjoy her of course. As for the douche-bag that walked off with my money – I’m going to let my lawyer take care of him. Stay tuned, you might want to know his name to save yourself some financial headaches . . .

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