Carver 3607 Carburetors

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these carburetors have not been thoroughly cleaned and/or rebuilt since they were installed. Now that the boat is in Sarasota we have time to go through the engines and get them in shape.

On the way up from Punta Gorda the alternator belt came off and was rubbing against the engine. It created a fine powder that got sucked into the carburetor filter on the port engine. We removed them both and Thom took them apart and gave them a good soaking in the carburetor cleaner.

In a couple of days the manifolds and other engine parts will come in and we will replace a bunch of things. The we will install the shinny rebuilt carburetors and tune up the engines for better performance and mileage.

Carver 3607 Carburetor Cleaning and RubildingCarver 3607 Carburetors

Carver 3607 Carburetors