Removed Air Intake Manifold

Thom and I worked on the port engine and put it all back together – added new wire set, replaced/added new water circulating pump, added new alternator belt, tightened the raw water belt, started the engine and adjusted the idle speed. Unfortunately the engine had some knocking going on, so we opened up the air intake manifold only to find lots of water mixed in the oil and some damaged parts – 2 bent push rods, 2 springs, 2 valves to name a few.

Cleaned and Rebuilt Both Carburetors

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these carburetors have not been thoroughly cleaned and/or rebuilt since they were installed. Now that the boat is in Sarasota we have time to go through the engines and get them in shape. On the way up from Punta Gorda the…