Carver boats for sale in Florida

Carver Boats for Sale Florida

There are many Carver boats for sale in Florida. How do you find the right one for you? It can be a long process but worth it in the end. This Carver 3607 Aft Cabin is for sale and is better than most of the carver boat for sale in it’s class. All boats need work and buying cheap means it needs a ton of work. buying expensive means it needs expensive work to maintain it. The balance between price and time of work is the difference between using it a lot and working on it a lot.

This is a 1982 Carver 3607 that was cheap – just like the many carver 3607’s you see online for it’s age. Under $20K and you get a lot of boat for that money. You also get a lot of issues like too many hours on the engines, propellers that need replacing, wood rot , mold, mildew, all kinds of parts needing replacement like heads, waste lines, fuel lines, electronics, gauges, hatches, flooring, transmissions, engines, and the expensive list goes on and on.

I purchased this Carver in Florida and it was only an hour away or a 6 hour cruise. I was surprised it actually made it up ok. I bought it as a project and knew I was going to spend money on it – lots of money. Boats aren’t cheap, well, initially they are but the long process of updating, maintaining, slips, etc. make them not so cheap.

I wanted a project boat because I knew the upgrades that I perform would be of high quality and not some quick fixes to sell it like most of the boats I looked at. I bought this boat because the bones where in great shape. There was no wood rot, abnormal smells of mildew and the body was in great shape. I would rather spend the money and maintain my boating experience and knowledge then to buy an expensive boat that will still have issues.

So I set upt to restore this boat into great condition. I get rid of all the issues that you have with a cheap boat of this age and class and have a boat that is very comfortable and little worries to deal with. It is now at the point of the best of both worlds quality older boat with little worries. SHe starts right up, idles great, has a top speed of 25 mph, and all the working parts work great – trim tabs, dripless seals, transmission, engines, steering, and so on. It is a very smooth and quiet running old style quality made Carver without all the headaches of the other boats out there for under $20K

Sure you can buy a cheap old boat and put the time and money into it, (it is not a cheap or quick process), or you can but this Carver boat that’s for sale in Florida and get busy enjoying all the adventures that boating on a quality boat offers.

Carver Boats for Sale Florida