carver yacht hot water heater removal

I’m not sure how old the hot water heater was but it really doesn’t matter. The heater was always leaking and we never used it so the smart thing was to remove it. The freshwater hose into the unit was rerouted back into the cold line. This way the hot water faucet handle will still work and keep the water in those lines from getting stagnant.

It was a somewhat challenging job only because of where it was located. It sat under the centerline queen bed in the aft cabin between the freshwater holding tanks and in front of the waste tank. The hoses off the engine came up through a couple of tanks. So we had to run those hoses (intake and return) into each other to keep that water circulating. Once the engines are replaced we will remove these hoses to prevent any future leaks or issues. At this point I don’t feel the need for hot water on the boat. If things change it won’t be a difficult job to add a new one.

After the engine hoses were connected into each other we removed the wiring and capped everything off. Next we lifted the heater out and drained it as well as we could on the deck of the boat. Once we got it onto the doc we started turning it in all directions and eventually all the water can flushing out.

Now we have an opening in that space where we can get into for cleaning the bilges in that space. It dried up quickly once the leak was fixed and now we can continue to clean that area and many compartments around it. This will help remove the odor that all the moisture was creating from the old and dirty bilges.

One less thing to do on this project and one more thing closer to recreating this beautiful yacht!

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