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Joey Russo Bow to Stern Marine Services Scam Excuses

Joey Russo Scams Bow to SternJoey Russo Bow to Stern Marine Services Scam BUYER BEWARE!! Joey’s excuses or never ending. It takes days for him to respond and the longer it takes you can be sure there will be an excuse. This one was “a cold last week” so he covers for the time he didn’t text or call.

Josef Russo – aka Joey Russo, aka Joe Russo, is a terrible investment for your marine servicing needs. Many of his reviews show that he will take your money but not deliver. The frustration of his lack of communication, the terrible followup and his willing to walk away with your money with little care should tell you everything you need to know about Joey Russo.

Josef Russo of Bow to Stern Marine services has a terrible reputation with many of the boat yards in the area. Mention his name to any of them in the area to confirm this. That alone should scare you away from hiring him.

The biggest thing you should be worried about is his list of excuses that he will level on you. They are all bad enough to make you feel guilty and even think that he has a cloud over his head and it’s your fault. I heard all from the flue, his sick kids, his dad having a heart attack, bad back and chiropractor meetings, chipped teeth and emergency dentist trips and operations. He even texted pictures to back his no shows up.

You will notice that he doesn’t show up and wants to call to make more excuses. The reality is he is really good at telling you what you want to hear with confidence but he never delivered. His 3 to 4 week time estimate went 3 1/2 months and never took any of the engines off the boat. When I went back to pick up the few parts that he removed they were thrown in a box just as dirty and greasy as they day they removed them.

Joey Russo says he worked 100% on this job but evidently that didn’t include cleaning parts, removing the engines, ordering the new engines, or really anything else related to him assuring a solid 3 to 4 week for completion. Three and a half months later he really wasn’t any closer and he obviously had no intention to ever finishing the job or returning the money. I’m not sure what he thinks 100% means – maybe he is using Common Core Math???

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