N. E. Taylor Boatworks is the best boatyard from Tampa to Punta Gorda Florida. If you are in this area it is worth the trip.

N. E. Taylor Boatworks is the best boatyard from Tampa to Punta Gorda Florida. If you are in this area it is worth the trip.A Few weeks ago I dropped off the the Carver 36 off at N. E. Taylor Boatworks in Cortez Florida. As a project boat it needed a lot of work. First of all I can’t say enough about N. E. Taylor Boatworks! They are great to work with and their knowledge and craftsmanship is the best value in the west coast of Florida. In my opinion N. E. Taylor Boatworks is the best boatyard from Tampa to Punta Gorda Florida. If you are in this area it is worth the trip.

When we dropped it off it needed so much critical work that actually felt a sense of relief when they hauled it out of the water. I say this because I would actually peer around the corner as I approached the dock to see if the boat was still floating.

The stuffing box leaked like a faucet that was not fully turned off and I don’t mean just a few drips. It was a steady flow of water entering the bilge from both boxes. The sump pump was kicking on every minute consistently

n-e-taylor-boatworks-cortez-florida-5The propellers were also shot. One was pink and pitted the the surveyor didn’t think it would last the initial 6 hour trip when I first bought the boat. The other propeller was a different size and pitch which made for a bucking journey with a much higher rpm on the port engine.

The seacocks where the most scary. They were the old round handle types that you use on an outdoor faucet. That alone isn’t that scary but the fact that most of the handles fell off or were about to, well that could sink a boat. If any of them started leaking and had to be turned off, they couldn’t and that was a disaster waiting to happen and the main reason why I always cringed every time I approached my boat.

The 12′ exhaust tubes that were old and cracked could have leaked or even worst, create carbon monoxide into the cabin. They are not an easy job to do and could not be done while the boat was in the water. There were other hoses that needed to be replaced as well.

The bottom job had not been done for over 3 months and in the summertime that is not a good thing. When we pulled it out for the survey if was scrapped and pressure washed but the paint was thing and blotchy back then. There were also 3 blisters that needed to be repaired and patched.

The zincs, that are less noble than the other metals in the water, were missing and those that were there were long overdue for replacement. These zincs take the brunt of the corrosion as a sacrificial anode. They need to be replaced every 6 months or when 50% is missing, otherwise the shafts, rudders, etc. could corrode quickly. The Diver’s Plate also needed to be replaced.

The body of the carver was long overdue for a good restoration and waxing. Its a great time to do this when out of the water so this was taken care of.

The through hull strainers and fittings on the bottom of the boat were heavily clogged and 1 even corroded. These are important to keep clan so the water can flow easily to the engines, AC units, etc.

Then there was the striping, lettering and the name painted on the back of the boat. I removed most of the striping already but there was some on the more hard to reach areas. Then there was sections once removed that were shinier than the rest of that area. so it was sanded to match the overall appearance. The hardest part was the painted on name – that is a messy job and again, sand the area to match the overall appearance.

Finally, the back was relettered in with vinyl letters for easier maintenance and removal if needed in the future.

N. E. Taylor Boatworks did a great job finding all the extra parts needed like hose clamps, nibs, valves, nuts and bolts, diver’s plate, hoses, key stock for cutting new keys for prop shafts, zinks, strainers and so on AND their work was impressive And they are easy to work with making you feel comfortable throughout the process.

If you need work done on your boat, yacht or whatever you have you should at least consider taking it to Cortez.

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