Carver 3607 gauges

Gauge Replacement

July 2017 – Replacing the gauges was on my shortlist in the upper helm. After 35 years and a couple replaced years ago they needed to be freshened up. The plastic lenses were all faded and the trim was faded as well – and let’s not forget that some of the gauges weren’t all that…

carver yacht hot water heater removal

Removed the Hot Water Heater

I’m not sure how old the hot water heater was but it really doesn’t matter. The heater was always leaking and we never used it so the smart thing was to remove it. The freshwater hose into the unit was rerouted back into the cold line. This way the hot water faucet handle will still work and keep the water in those lines from getting stagnant.

1982 Carver 36 Faucets

Replaced the Faucets

After 34 years the faucets are in need of replacement. They still work – well the galley faucet leaks after you shut it off . .  Let’s just say they are due to be replaced. Fortunately the faucets are readily available at Home Depot and Lowes. Fortunately, because one store was out of the galley…

N. E. Taylor Boatworks is the best boatyard from Tampa to Punta Gorda Florida. If you are in this area it is worth the trip.

N. E. Taylor Boatworks Cortez Florida – Best Boatyard

A Few weeks ago I dropped off the the Carver 36 off at N. E. Taylor Boatworks in Cortez Florida. As a project boat it needed a lot of work. First of all I can’t say enough about N. E. Taylor Boatworks! They are great to work with and their knowledge and craftsmanship is the best value in the west coast of Florida. In my opinion N. E. Taylor Boatworks is the best boatyard from Tampa to Punta Gorda Florida. If you are in this area it is worth the trip.


Removed Air Intake Manifold

Thom and I worked on the port engine and put it all back together – added new wire set, replaced/added new water circulating pump, added new alternator belt, tightened the raw water belt, started the engine and adjusted the idle speed. Unfortunately the engine had some knocking going on, so we opened up the air intake manifold only to find lots of water mixed in the oil and some damaged parts – 2 bent push rods, 2 springs, 2 valves to name a few.

Cleaned and Rebuilt Both Carburetors

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these carburetors have not been thoroughly cleaned and/or rebuilt since they were installed. Now that the boat is in Sarasota we have time to go through the engines and get them in shape. On the way up from Punta Gorda the…

Marine Shower Drain Kit

Marine Shower Drain Kit Replacement

The marine shower drain kit appeared to be original or might have been updated many years ago. There were cracks and patching done on the brittle boc and fittings. The pump and float switch were still working but being that it was in the master cabin I wanted to clean up the mess and start fresh. We…